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    Maxi Cab Melbourne

    Few tips on how to save money while using taxis or maxi cabs from Melbourne or Avalon airport.

    Maxi Cab Melbourne airport works out to be cheaper option if there are more than 4 people as the cost gets split between 4 people and it cost much less. Moreover we also offer set price fares as metered fare is also dependent on freeway traffic. Toll costs are charged over the top of metered fare. However with fixed price options, it works out much cheaper as tolls and all other cost are already included except eftpos merchant fees.

    Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport has a specific meeting point at Melbourne and Avalon airport.
    Drivers most of the time keep track of passengers flight and as soon as the flight lands, driver make contact with passengers. Before passengers even get out of airport, they have peace of mind that their maxi cab is waiting for them and they don’t have to wait for taxi in queue.

    The payment can be made by Cab charge, eftpos debit or credit cards. Cash is also an acceptable method of payment. Drivers may ask for an upfront payment depending on the time of the day you travel. Its always best to pre-book and made these arrangements before getting to avoid disappointment later on. We even have advance payment facility. If you want to have that peace of mind about your booking. You can always make payment to our bank account and driver will issue you the receipt once your trip ends.

    Maxi Cab Melbourne understands how important it is to have a peaceful journey home after a long flight and we do everything to make it more comfortable.

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