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Skybus vs Maxi Cab Melbourne

Skybus vs Maxi Cab Melbourne

One of the first question people have in their mind is if SkyBus is better than maxi cab or a normal taxi ?

Well the answer is, it depends on what your requirements are:

If your stay or hotel is close to Southern Cross train station and you are less than 2 passengers then SkyBus is the best bet. It only costs $19.75 per adult from Melbourne Airport to City.

Is SkyBus the cheapest and best?

No, Its not. If you are more than 3 passengers then conventional taxi is lot better than SkyBus. On an average normal sedan taxi cost almost 55 to 60 dollars from Melbourne Airport to City. It works out almost 19 dollars per person with a normal taxi.

Why is normal Taxi better than SkyBus?

Taxis and Maxi Cabs with Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab are booked on  point to point basis which works out to be lot cheaper. Moreover the taxis are more comfortable and will drop you in front of your hotel or home. Our driver helps customers in loading and unloading their luggage.

Pre-booking a taxi means a taxi is there at the airport for you regardless of flight delays or anything else. Customers get a private service, taxi is not shared with any passengers.

SkyBus vs Maxi Taxi Melbourne

Is Maxi Cab cheaper than SkyBus?

Yes, The answer is a big YES. Maxi Cab on an average costs 85 to 95 dollars from Melbourne Airport to Melbourne CBD. Maxi Cabs are only needed when you have more than 4 passengers. It constitutes to less than 20 dollars per person.

Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab

Verdict: If you are more than 2 passengers, Yes it is a lot better option than SkyBus.

I hope this makes the decision making easier for all the customers inquiring about the SkyBus and Maxi Cab.

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