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Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab also services customers with a sedan taxis needs. We have a fleet of all types of taxis. if you want a cab at airport, without waiting at rank, then book with us now. Moreover our main focus is to provide clean taxis and maxi cab service. We also have limo for business and corporate customers. Below are the few pictures of taxis we provide.

Maxi Cab

Maxi Cab Melbourne

Silver Service

Silver Service is the premium version of yellow taxi. drivers wear white shirts and tie and it costs a little extra. Most of the silver service have leather seats for extra comfort of business customers. Maxi Taxi Melbourne airport. Most the time cars which are used for silver service are by us are below

  • Vehicles include :
  • Ford G6E
  • Toyota Presara
  • Holden Caprice

Please note whenever a Silver Service vehicle is requested while making the booking, a $11 fee applies on top of the standard taxi meter rate.

Silver Service Taxi

Mercedes Vito Maxi Van

This is an unmarked 7 seater car which is mainly used by business and corporate customers who don’t like to sit in a yellow maxi taxi.

This van is also customized to suit your personal needs for a weekend trip to party or night club. We have flashing lights and luxury seats fitted in this cab. When making booking you can always put special request for Mercedes Vito Van. If this is available, you can get it for few extra dollars.

VHA SIlver Service

VHA silver service is the most premium service for corporate customers. Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport offers VHA services for the lowest prices possible.

Most these cabs provided by Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport are for people who needs to be in style! VHA cars are perfect for events, private and commercial transfers, if you’ve ever wanted an alternative to a regular taxi then consider being chauffeured in VIP style by a VHA Cars provided by Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport.

VHA cars (and VHB plated cars) are the reliable, affordable and practical solution. We offer excellent service in our fleet of luxury cars.

We have following cars in our VHA/VHB fleet:watch full Dunkirk movie online

  1. Holden Caprice (less than 1 year old)
  2. Ford FPV6 GT
  3. BMW’s
  4. Mercedes

To book a VHA, Call us on 03 5996 5291 or head to our website: Maxi Taxis Melbourne which is specialized for VHA transfers.