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Maxi Cabs Melbourne

Maxi Cabs

Maxi Cabs Fares are a bit different than normal taxis. It incur a charge of 13 dollars as a one off surcharge.

Maxi Cabs

Maxi Taxi

If passengers have any issues with fares, they can easily go to Taxi Victoria website and find out how much the fare should actually cost.

The meter looks like below.picture. Most of the time it is hanging on the roof and it is only started when passengers sit into cab

Taxi Meter @ Maxi Taxi Melbourne

The fare can be calculated from the above calculator as well. Below is the picture of another cab.

Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport is the only company in Australia with 507 reviews and with 4.9 star rating. We feel proud that we have been a part of so many customers happy journey.