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  • Posted On: February 19, 2016
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Melbourne Maxi Cabs is serving Melbourne and all over suburbs. People are confused if hiring a maxi cab is smarter choice. Most of the families think shuttle bus is cheaper and better to get to tullamarine airport. What most of the travelers don’t understand is that shuttle bus most of the time is a wastage of time and money. For more than 4 passengers it comes up as expensive and then they will have to go shuttle bus services timings whereas in this way people save a lot of money and they can ask cab drivers to stop anytime if they need to buy something on their way to airport.

Moreover If someone is coming back to home after a long holiday, would you really like to wait for a shuttle bus and then get to Melbourne CBD and get a local train to get to home.

Most of our customers give us the credit as Melbourne Maxi Cabs provides this service in a cheap and nice way. After providing their mobile number to Melbourne Maxi Cabs drivers, its drivers worry to find out where their passengers are. Passengers can have a peace of mind knowing their taxi is at the airport waiting for them when they get out.

What could be a better way of coming home after a tiring flight and what not.

Melbourne Maxi Cabs answers all of our customers doubts and questions. Driver are all well educated persons and more than anything civilized human beings. Moreover it works out cheaper for families.

Melbourne Maxi Cabs fleet cars are all neat and tidy. Our maxi cabs are also equipped with aux port. You can play music from your iPod or iPad.

Maxi Cabs are only a click away online or just a click away from mobile phone too.

Melbourne Maxi Cabs

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